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69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes

69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes
69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes
69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes
69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes
69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes

69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes    69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes

Valves / Blocks / Switches. Brake & Fuel Line Clips. Lengths Of Tube With Fittings.

69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes. PLX6903 - 1969 GTO Judge Ram Air Manual Trans Complete Exhaust System - Oversized Stock. This is a oversized stock exhaust system kit that includes: Preformed dual exhaust 2 1/2" head pipes, 2 1/4" tail pipes, flanges and bolts, factory stock mufflers, muffler hangers, muffler clamps, tail pipe hangers and tail pipe clamps, This system is made of aluminized 14 gauge tubing so all the pipes are as thick as the originals and have a durable coating.

The muffler and tail pipe hangers are specific to the particular car and exact to the factory originals. This hardware is all plated in the factory color phosphate plating with silver zinc rivets and clamp surrounds. This is concourse correct hardware and pipes.

The mufflers are the correct size and shape and are made of all galvanized materials. The seams are folded and crimped identical to a factory muffler.

These are flow through mufflers that give your muscle car a rumble and are not restrictive like other stock mufflers. They sound and perform like a turbo muffler NOT a flowmaster.

On the dyno the horsepower difference with the muffler and with out was 6-8 H. From the factory all ram air cars had 2 1/4" head pipes that were reduced to 2" at the mufflers and then the system opened back up to 2 1/4 at the outlet of the mufflers. This is a oversized system that is bumped up one size all the way through. The head pipes are now 2 1/2" and they are reduced to 2 1/4" at the mufflers and the system flows through at 2 1/4 through the mufflers and the tail pipe. We have installed this system on many RAM AIR 3 and 4 cars and it looks bone stock but has great flow.

This system is on many cars with over 500 HP and has excellent performance. The muffler is a flow through turbo muffler that is not loud like a flow master but gives that stock rumble with no restriction.

You receive Inline tube manufactured correct factory exhaust hangers so you system will bolt in and hang just like it should. Our hangers feature the correct thickness metal and rubber and a concourse phosphate or silver zinc finish.

Exhaust hangers are very cars specific depending on the make and model and even the transmission type. The correct hangers are a must to get that special chrome extension to line up just right or the system to be tight to the bottom of the car. Inline Tube exhaust systems come with a stock appearance flow through mufflers. These mufflers are built to the factory housing specifications with little flow restriction.

Our unique design provides a slight rumble with low restriction. This means your car will not be too loud with like a welded case flow master muffler or to soft with a off the shelf car muffler, it will have that factory rumble with no performance loss or loud droning sound. Inline Tube exhaust systems come with all stock appearing hardware and flanges.

We have gone the extra mile to provide all the hardware with the system and it is all plated the correct colors. Our flanges are identical to the factory original not flat brackets or generic flanges. Exhaust head pipe flanges are also stamped steel or cast iron just like the factory did it.

The clamps are in all the correct sizes with correct fasteners. If you have one of the special cars that had a chrome extension on the stock system it will be included in the set. If your car had an optional chrome tip and want to add it separate as an option it is no problem. Inline Tube exhaust systems are more than a bunch of pipes bent off bender cards. They are complete systems that are car specific with all the hardware, hangers and pre-fitted to the car for concourse quality. We do not use thin pipe that has crinkle bends or cheap generic car mufflers and all our tubes have the factory expansions, flat spots and correct number of bends and angles - Just Like the Factory. We do not have a one size fits all system and we provide all the hangers to insure your system will hang in the correct locations. Inline Tube is the premier reproduction brake & fuel line company and is now taking its tube manufacturing to the next level and manufacturing select preformed exhaust systems. We have been bending tube for over 20 years and making under chassis parts that have set the bar to be the industry best. Our state of the art computer benders and laser scanner allow us to duplicate original parts with uncompromising accuracy.

All systems are mocked up on actual factory stock cars and pre-fitted. Our systems come in the stock size and shape of the factory originals or optioned slightly oversized. All systems are made off our exclusive computer angle exhaust bender. This information is stored in the computer so bending is exact every time.

Our systems feature a galvanized factory finish complete with flat spots and factory style exhaust flanges. Our exhaust pipes install with the exact factory plated hangers so there is no drilling or generic hanger placement. Our mufflers are a factory stock appearing flow through design with low restriction so you have a slight rumble and plenty of flow. Factory instructions are included with every system so there is no guessing which piece goes were. We have dealt with the generic aftermarket one size fits all systems that you have to " make fit " they have low hanging pipes mounted with generic hangers and require welding, cutting and are usually geared around headers. We know there is a better way.

All of our exhaust systems are manufactured exact to the factory specifications. So there will be no additional cutting, bending or welding to get it to fit. We do not make header or mandrel bent systems and we will not offer a 3 system or overkill systems but aside from the bone stock systems we do offer larger than stock pipes on select applications. So if your Ram Air Judge needs to breath a bit more or that stock 2 W-30 tail pipe can be made to flow better we will offer it. Many more Products in our.

An Inline Tube Exclusive -Made in The USA - We do not sell cheap bender card exhaust systems. Our customers get the best factory-correct exhaust on the market, with coated pipe, correct hangers, all identical to the factory originals. Don't settle for the other guys' cheap "replacement" exhaust. Only one company manufactures exhaust exact to the factory originals in authentic tin-coated steel - Inline Tube. Our sets come complete with all the mounting hardware, and detailed installation instructions.

It is the way it should be - correct and complete. Inline Tube is a REAL Manufacturing facility not a reseller of cheap goods made over seas. We manufacture all the parts that will be needed to reproduce your classic car exhaust with exact detail. Inline Tube makes thousands of brake lines, cables, lines, hoses, valves and other parts.

We can make many different exhaust for many American cars or truck. WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Motorcity Muscle Car &#######xA0;offers a variety of products for all classic cars and trucks ranging&#######xA0;from&#######xA0. &#######xA0;&#######xA0;Countless hours and immense research has been spent to ensure that our products are 100% authentic in appearance, application and fit. Located in the heart of "Motor City" Detroit where automobiles are not just transportation, but a way of life! Our&#######xA0;staff consists of highly trained sales personal, technical service representatives and mechanical engineers to ensure your receive the best service, the correct information and the highest quality parts on the market. Let us be the source for all of your factory correct muscle car part needs!

This means we will not accept a part used on a car, greasy, damaged, bent or without the original box. Resalable means in the same condition as you received it in.

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  • Surface Finish: OEM SPEC
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PLX6903
  • Interchange Part Number: PLX6903
  • Other Part Number: Inline Tube
  • Part Brand: Inline Tube
  • Brand: Inline Tube

69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes    69 GTO Judge Ram Air 3 4 Complete Stock Exhaust System MT OS Head Tail Pipes